Head Exploding Emoji 🤯

I’ve not been on here for a while, apologies, I’ve been here living life to the full – which is what I do best 😊 The reason for todays post is my head is so full, it might just explode. So I thought I’d share!

Earlier this week my friend lost her daughter, she was very young and had been though so much tragedy and heartbreak in her short life. She was only a teenager and had Sarcoma. It’s obviously extremely sad she has passed away from cancer, but I cant get out of my head that it was sarcoma that has robbed my friend of her teenage daughter, just like it tried to take my sister!

My friend Clair first brought a young Zara to our run club, Run Together Whitefield and they walked or jogged a little at the back most weeks. Zara was always so very smiley, even the weeks she came in her wheelchair. We would also see her most weeks at parkrun.

Life can be so fucking cruel and I hope Zara is free from all pain and running Parkruns up there and smiling at us lot puffing and panting down here at parkrun.

So, it’s been a very sad week topped by us finding out the sad news that Pete’s stepdad Graham also passed away last night. Very sad news again, Graham was such a lovely man who saw the good in everyone. He absolutely loved visits and adored Pete and Jorja – RIP Graham.

So I’m travelling to Kenmore as I type this to visit my dadas resting place, reflecting a lot! There’s 19 of us (tickles & Co) en route north currently. We are going to remember our dad, and for me celebrate his life and I’ll continue to live life to the full.

Thanks for listening and my head feels slightly less full, so I appreciate all the kind words we have been receiving.
Lots of love, hold your loved ones tighter this weekend if you can

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