2 Years!

Wow …it’s been 2 years since I stopped punishing myself, stopped the rapid and very slippery slope to self-destruction, stopped relying on alcohol every day to ‘live’. This was not living……far from it! 2 years ago I stopped drinking and my health, wellbeing, mental health, my relationship, friendships, family, my job, my fitness, my self worth –Continue reading “2 Years!”

Its OK to take a break 🙂

I’m a social media girl. I live and breathe Facebook and Instagram. I love celebrating my great life. It has changed immeasurably since going sober, it really has. I celebrate this every day. I mean this isn’t me having a celebratory cake every day (I need to pack that in) but when I open myContinue reading “Its OK to take a break 🙂”

Alcohol Free Drinks Review

On Monday we attended a ‘virtual’ drinks tasting session with Club Soda and Lucky Saint. Club soda went live and demonstrated the alcohol free drinks purchased from ‘the wise bartender‘ the packs for the event are not on the website, but many more bundles are available here: https://wisebartender.co.uk/wise-packs-12-c.asp Lucky Saint Lager 330ml – 0.5% Alcohol,Continue reading “Alcohol Free Drinks Review”