Its been a while….

Since we last spoke I have walked an ultra-marathon (on Saturday) and reached 1000 days sober (on Sunday) – Yeay! Go me! Sounds all pretty positive eh? Well Saturday wasn’t so positive, and the disappointment still lingers, I didn’t finish my ultra-marathon, I had to retire from the event on medical grounds – heat exhaustion.Continue reading “Its been a while….”

Self Care Saturday – 950 days sober 😍😍

Well this week has been a bit naff and I’ve been rather grumpy. 5 days ago I was pinged by the NHS Covid app to advise I had to self isolate for the next 5 days (it would have been 10 days but the day in question was 5 days prior) I’m doing 2 ultraContinue reading “Self Care Saturday – 950 days sober 😍😍”