My Shiny New Life

In the first few months of my sobriety I would tell literally anyone and everyone that would listen, that I had stopped drinking, it was a massive deal to me! The most common thing I told people was that I felt ‘All Shiny and New’ hence the name of the blog.

I know it probably sounds really cheesy, but I don’t care. I suppose people do feel like this if they make such positive changes to their lives. For me, giving up Alcohol has been the most empowering thing I have done. I have now taken back the control that I had lost over the past 8-9 years. And that feels great! So here’s a few reasons why my life feels All Shiny and New?

  • My day starts with waking up feeling alive and fresh, clear headed and calm. “I’m not the kind of person to leap out of bed singing with the birds or doing cartwheels, but still I have a mental clarity like I’ve never had”
  • I have direction! “I know what I’m doing each day and have the energy and focus to deal with what life throws at me – even the bullshit”
  • I sleep, like a bloody baby, its amazing!
  • I can focus on my work and do a good job, I have no idea how I functioned in my job in recent years.
  • I exercise most nights. “I’ve not really got any better at the whole exercise thing, but it’s certainly easier to get off my arse and exercise is so much more enjoyable”

These might not sound like massive things to everyone else, but collectively these things have changed my life, daily.

I still have no free time

But even though I’m All Shiny and New some things will never change!

  • I’m always late! “Literally for everything”
  • I’m always skint, who takes all of my money?
  • I have no concept of time, like at all! Following on from me being late, I then spend my time taking on more tasks that any one person can handle.

However, I am honestly all round a much better and happier, more motivated person. Some might say All Shiny and New……….

Look out for the next post in a few days with more information on ‘Go Sober for October’ for anyone partaking. I’ll put some ideas and hints and tips in with hopefully a smidge of inspiration and motivation.

Thank you for reading and if you haven’t read ‘my slippery slope’ blog from a couple of days ago, please take a look 🙂 Sue x

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