And breathe……..

There’s one thing that hasn’t changed since I went sober and that’s the amount of things I try and cram in a day or week! I always did prefer to be busy every day until wine o’clock. The difference now is that I can give all of my energy to doing things now rather than feeling like I’m wading through treacle. I was always counting down the hours until I could sit on the couch for hours drinking wine. This was actually my main driver for such a long time.

So I’ve had a busy old week as usual. Monday I went for a drink and catch up with a friend and sat in a restaurant, had soft drinks and cheesecake and chatted and laughed for hours. I would not have done this previously as I’d have insisted of meeting at 5pm so I could be home for 7 at the latest! I’m so grateful I can be present for those friends and I loved it.

Tuesday is run club day, Tuesdays are just not long enough and that’s a fact! We recently set up a new run club and Tuesdays are the busiest organisation day for the club at night. Lots of co-ordination goes on in the background to make this club work for the over 100 people who attend each week. I always take a moment at the end of each session to just look around and see the runners cooling down, chatting with friends, giving wonderful feedback – we made that happen! And it’s so satisfying to see!   

Wednesday was pretty standard. Busy, but I managed to fit in a class of Retro Legs Bums & Tums despite being incredibly rushed getting home from work and wasn’t sure I could make it, for the short time I was there I absolutely loved it, had so much fun, belly laughs all whilst exercising!

Thursday saw me again incredibly busy with work. I went on a coaching course and spent over 3 hours in the car getting there and back! Then home, bite of tea – usually toast as I’m so strapped for time and back out to a local coffee shop. I attend a weekly session run by an incredibly inspiring friend where we chat about things that motivate us, why we think the way we do, body image, fitness, nutribollocks and science, all whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating cake with friends. I absolutely love it! Who knew!

By Friday I realised I hadn’t actually run myself and I had missed it, so running group had a homework run for the couch to 5k program. I went along with some of our people on the program, running the streets in the dark with flashy lights and hi-viz on. We had a chat amount mental health the whole way and even had some giggles. I went home very happy I had ran, and happy I had dragged others along for the ride (and they thanked me for it)

So today (I’m knackered writing all of this) I was up dead early to go to my favourite park run and run with some graduates of the couch to 5k program. The lady I ran with was fantastic and didn’t stop, I did walk a couple of times – but I still made it and achieved a really good time. The sun was shining, but it was fresh, it was a really great day for a park run and a really great day to be alive! I love my local park run and know a lot of people there. My graduate lady did comment that I’m famous as so many people said hello as we passed them. It’s just that friendly and I love it.

I’m off out to a black tie event tonight at a local stadium, I’m going at the invite of my friend who is nominated for an award for being an inspiration in fitness and wellbeing category. Good luck to you Lesley! I of course will be sat, fully present, with my alcohol-free fizz in my glass and clapping all the inspiration people who have been nominated.

I’ve learnt a lesson this week, and to be honest I’ve known for a good few months, I do need to slow down, just a smidge! But I do get so excited at how much I can fit in and enjoy now. But I do need to be more mindful of taking a little rest every now and then. It’s so important to remember self-care, we would tell others how to look after themselves, but we are often the last to take this advice.

Have a great weekend

Sue x

2 thoughts on “And breathe……..

  1. Amazing! Hope you enjoyed your black tie event and also super chuffed to hear you’re enjoying the Thursday night club xxx


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