Inspire Women Awards Nominee

Well there have been tears of absolute joy this morning, I get so much junk e-mail I was clicking to delete everything and saw an e-mail from Inspire awards 2020 that jumped out. Upon opening it is said I’d been nominated for The 2020 INSPIRE AWARDS in the fitness and well-being category.

Now, I’ve only been nominated, not shortlisted and I haven’t got my frock and acceptance speech ready, but it’s a bloody big deal to have been nominated, really big deal to me. I’m so honoured to have been thought of. It’s a really glitzy big bash and some of the most inspiring people I’ve met attend it from all walks of life.  I messaged the person I thought may have nominated me and she told me it was actually my son, I cried even more then. How amazing that my 21 year old son thought I was inspiring enough to be nominated for a bloody big award. I’m so thrilled to be a positive influence on my kids, that makes a nice change.

Now some of you may think, ‘What on earth has she done‘ to inspire others and you may not know, but me and a few running friends started the most amazing running group almost 6 months ago. Run together Whitefield. It’s been the biggest whirlwind of a journey, we didn’t expect people to show up but then 100 people per week came and chaos set in. Good chaos though!

As a small group we found amazing new run leaders, raised funds for them to get trained, organised sessions, organised socials, researched run routes and took our wonderful community running group from strength to strength rather rapidly. We have helped approximately 40 people through a couch to 5k program and graduate at our local park run. We now have new programs starting in January to take people beyond 5k, I’m so excited to be part of this huge positive thing!

So this nomination isn’t just for me, it’s for all those Run Leaders who I now call friends, volunteers, the runners that believe in us and the wonderful running community who come from other clubs to offer support and advice and help before we even have to ask. I now have more friends than I’ve had in my lifetime. Phew!

I know that sounded like an acceptance speech ha ha – Thank you Daniel for nominating me Xx

PS. This absolutely would have never happened if I hadn’t been sober, my sobriety has meant I am clearer, motivated, and capable of inspiring others – it’s all pretty bloody amazing! Sobriety is the gift that keeps on giving. Cheesy as that sounds its true.

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