How can you help our NHS colleagues?

I know my blog is normally about sobriety and I’ve not blogged for ages, but wanted to do so today. I’ve been so busy in my role as a Procurement Manager for Northern Care Alliance – (Salford Royal NHS and Pennine Acute NHS Trust). I’m not on the front line, BUT we are business critical and still based on site to support at such a critical time during this pandemic. We are responsible for providing Protective equipment for the staff as well as medical equipment for patient care. In fact everything that is purchased to make a hospital run comes through procurement.

So how can you help NHS colleagues?

Clap on a Thursday

How heart-warming is this and obviously it’s not just for NHS staff, it’s for key staff, of which there are so many, all doing such a great job!

Stay Home

Goes without saying really! – Easter leave is cancelled for me and my team please don’t be going out for a day trip and making this pandemic last longer than it needs to!

Sponsor a Nurses Hands:

The nurse’s hands are suffering massively as a result of the extra hand washing and harsh hand sanitiser. I’ve seen lots of initiatives for sending hand creams into hospitals and our hospitals have benefited from having Tropic luxury hand cream, body shop products and faith in nature skincare – which is truly amazing. I thought I’d try and add to this and deliver some hand creams to the wards too.

If you would like to provide a Tropic Skincare Luxury hand cream to a nurse at Salford Royal – click here, and I will distribute to some of the wards. I will also write a hand written card with the names of the donors on so they know who has helped them in this time of need. I will post a picture of them being donated. – Link to pay pal to buy a hand cream for a nurse!

Invest in Self-care whilst benefitting the NHS

Tropic skincare is a very kind and ethical company and I’ve been an ambassador for a number of years. During this pandemic I’ve been incredibly impressed with them helping the NHS as well as promoting self-care. Currently they have free delivery on orders for £30 plus some limited edition pamper packages for self-care. The profits from the pamper packages is used for production of hand sanitiser for NHS Trusts. I’m already a distributor of the hand sanitiser for Salford Royal and Pennine acute – if you want to support this initiative by buying a pamper pack for you or a friend (obviously you can buy other products too:

Lastly, thank you for reading and supporting the NHS and for those of you that watched BBC’s junior doctors last year, here are the stars of the show with a short video on staying safe:

Take care of yourselves and your families and stay safe Xx

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