600 Days!

I’m going to say that for about 5 years I had drunk daily, a stupid amount of wine! I literally couldn’t wait for wine o’clock (this became earlier and earlier as time went on). My life was OK, but I honestly felt I was walking through treacle every single day, but i couldn’t see a way out.

Towards the end, this treacle was getting neck deep and so much thicker by the day….by the hour. I still get a bit sad about how much of my life I wasted, at least 5 years! How could I let myself get like that you may ask, alcohol is evil sneaky poison and does that to you, to an awful lot of people. It’s a massive depressant and is like pouring petrol on anxiety.

Now my life is so much better, without the drama, negativity and poison, without the focus on wine like nothing else mattered! It’s weird how it wasn’t just the wine I eliminated, but people too. I attracted some people who were like this too and it was only by going sober that I saw my worth and eliminated certain people who were using me, being disloyal and were behaving in an immoral and dishonest way – normally I’d have said nothing, going sober meant I could do what was right and I have absolutely no regrets doing so.

Today I’m celebrating 600 days sober, that’s 600 days of feeling better, clearer, more focused energetic and not missing alcohol at all. I’m more present for my family and real friends, colleagues, and find it easier to cope whatever life throws my way. I’m really grateful for every sober day. Thank you for sharing my 600 days

All Shiny and New


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