Inspiring People

Doesn’t it make you feel good to make a difference to someone, brighten their day, or give them a boost? What’s not to like about that?

Me and Pete were both tagged in a social media post yesterday by a friend who has just smashed ‘Go sober for October’ with her husband. The difference in Sara is evident. She looks fantastic, with a spring in her step, glossy hair and very proud smile and so she should be, very proud. She has even mentioned, she may just not drink again or for a while as she feels so good!

When you drink alcohol frequently or in large quantities, it’s so hard to cut down or give up when it has any kind of control over you. Obviously there are different levels of ‘hold’ experienced by people. Sara and her husband didn’t drink as much as Pete and I, but still this is a massive achievement for them. On her post a couple of other people mentioned that they had been inspired by us too to cut down their own alcohol consumption.

We never preach to people about their drinking habits, but to be able to inspire someone to make a positive change, that’s certainly satisfying! This post and the positive response from it made me feel very proud.

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