Saturday Mornings!

They are my bloody favourite. The very best thing about sobriety! So….. I love running and I love my friends, so running with friends on a Saturday morning make for Sue being in a great mood all day 🙂

I’ve had quite a stressful week this week, extremely busy at work and then something on every night too. So this resulted in me being quite anxious 2 days this week on the way to work, now don’t get me wrong I love my job, but this was my body’s way of saying ‘you are doing too much again dickhead’.  So I had to deal with that emotion of anxiety and overdoing it, I really had to fit in some self-care.  So I eventually had a night off doing all the running about last night, had takeaway, gelled my nails, treated myself to a facial and had an early night.

I woke up before my alarm this morning which is never known, I normally hate mornings! BUT this morning was different. I was excited. We had 5 people in our car, me, Pete and 3 of our friends. We had some friends heading over from Macclesfield to meet us and my brother was driving over from St Helens. We all travelled about an hour and met at Delamere Forest Parkrun.

It was absolutely bloody freezing; we must have needed our heads testing. But what a stunning place! Very ‘traily’ run, very enjoyable! We also met a Facebook friend I have, Nic, she runs a page called ‘Fuelled by fun’ all about motivating people to get up, out and moving. This is what I feel passionate about too. So we just clicked and chatted the whole way around, about my blog, her coming to do Parkrun tourism with us at Heaton Park, mental health, ultras etc. the 5k soon flew by! Well after 38 minutes it did 😉

Why am I sharing all this, well just over 12 months ago on Saturday mornings I would have been a right state! I never did park run, I used to get up dead late, wasting hours of the day, walk the dog, eat terribly, feel like shit and then count down the hours until I could drink again. Saturdays was worse than normal as Friday was always the heaviest nights drinking. It would be the day the rows would have been worse the night before, the blackouts worse and I would have no idea whatsoever I would have said to Pete, to Facebook or the world. I was always spouting off shit to someone! It was awful. Such a waste of a day, waste of my life really.

Anyway, I’m gratefully sat chilling tonight, writing this, catching up on Netflix, getting my run stuff ready for a 10k by the sea in Lytham in the morning! Again cannot wait! Bring on the blue skies, running with friends and feeling fresh and amazing. I love my life!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please do share this blog with your friends

All Shiny & New

Sue Xx

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