Wow what a week!

I’ve made sure as busy as I’ve been this week to stop and appreciate all the good stuff! This does not mean that shit stuff doesn’t appear to throw me off course, it’s happened numerous times today alone! And I’ve lost count of the curve-balls I’ve been thrown this week with some drama or other. I have to have a word with myself and think that other people’s bullshit is theirs, not mine and smile and walk away (usually with some colourful language along the way).  

Anyway, this is supposed to be a positive post! On Wednesday evening I went to Heaton Park Lightopia Festival with 9 friends and it really was wonderful, it was very quiet, but I loved being able to walk around the beautiful light displays, chatting with friends and just having a chilled time without the crowds! A couple of times I hung behind my friends and realised just how bloody lucky I am that they are in my life. I have mentioned before when I embarked on this sobriety lark, I expected to lose friends. I’ve now realised this was stupid, as we are all so much closer and they are super supportive.  

Just one of the wonderful displays at Lightopia!
The Friends! x
An angel………..

Thursday was a weird one as I woke with sore ears, throat and a bit under the weather. I worked in the morning and then slept for hours in the afternoon, I almost cancelled an evening meal with friends as I was feeling so rough earlier in the day – However, after sleeping off any grottiness I put on my glad rags and off I went. I spent 2 hours eating lovely food whilst chatting and laughing until my sides hurt. God, I love these women!

Good laughs with friends X

Friday I had the day off, we bought loads of presents and have nearly finished our Christmas shopping! I hate shopping, I hate black Friday and I hate crowds. God bless Amazon!

First thing on Friday I had a crazy idea, like you do, I fancied doing a marathon relay with teams of 4 friends. So I started a team, then 2 teams and so on. I’m now on 6 teams of people that have been co-ordinated and arranged into race order and distance in a spread sheet, it looks pretty awesome to be honest, I’m impressed it all worked out as well as it did. Bring on Manchester Marathon with 23 crazy friends!

Saturday was a bit of a bugger as park run was cancelled due to ice. However I would still get my outdoor feel good fix that afternoon by planting trees on the moors high up in Bolton! I took part in‘Tree Planting Day’ #BigClimateFightback and I planted 20 trees! It was brisk and I met a friend there, she was an existing friend, but we didn’t know each other was going – so this made it all the more fun. She had her daughter with her and I was mega impressed that she had got her daughter to take part.

I wasn’t pretending, I actually did plant trees! #BigClimateFightback
Me and Louise x
I cant wait to go back next spring and check out one of my many trees!

I found a wonderful and accurate quote yesterday ‘Sobriety doesn’t put you back together as someone you were……but as someone new!’ (credit @mysobercircle) – I don’t think I realised I wasnt keen on the ‘someone I was’ until I met the ‘someone new’

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

All Shiny and New Xx

2 thoughts on “Wow what a week!

  1. Mrs Tickle, I’m so lucky to
    Know you!
    This post brought tears to my eyes. I love the shinny you, I’m not sure where the old and new Sue started and finished, as you have always been amazing to me. Sometimes reading your blogs, makes me realise how lucky we are in our own lives and appreciate the people that are in it.

    Don’t stop what your doing!
    Everything happens for a reason(even if we don’t know that reason)

    Jane Marsh


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