Good Stuff

My god I needed that weekend; last week was full of busyness and very hectic (but good) stuff and when it came to the weekend I actually had a rest instead of going to Parkrun, my body really needed that little break!

So Saturday morning I forced myself to stay in bed watching TV. It wasn’t usual TV stuff it was documentaries on ultra-marathon/ madness challenges. For those of you that don’t know I’ve embarked on Ultra Marathon Training with just under 6 months to go to the Isle-of-Wight Challenge of 50km. So I binge watched documentaries about the Barkley Marathons, not that my challenge will be a patch on that crazy shit at all, BUT it helped to put my challenge into perspective and made me realise I need a slap if I moan about what I’m doing. Those people are hard core crazy, but determined!

So after chilling and not running (whilst watching about running) we had my baby sister’s fancy dress 30th party last night which was brilliant! After stopping drinking I used to get a bit anxious about being in social situations whilst others were drinking, however last night, not an eyelid was batted by others around us, or by us when others were drinking. We had an absolute blast laughing the whole night whilst drinking alcohol free fizz and alcohol free beer. And there was no anxiousness beforehand at all – Winning!

A lumberjack, little red riding hood and Lederhosen walk into a party……….

Today has been just as wonderful too, me and my friend Maria started off my ultra-training – We took on Rivington pike in the fog and mist and didn’t really get lost…i might be fibbing there! 😉 We never shut up from the moment she got in the car until I dropped her off a few hours later. We may have burned just as many calories chatting as climbing hills! A wonderful time was had and we felt good, really good for getting out there and taking on the world, well Bolton….

‘On top of the world with one of my closest most supportive friends Maria x’

People do comment on me being so busy, and leading up to this weekend I’ve felt it too – BUT I do love it, I choose what to do and when I want to do it, yes I’m busy every day and every night, but I choose to fill it with ‘Good for the Soul Stuff!’

What good stuff will you choose to fit in this week? Have a good one!

All Shiny & New

Sue Xx

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