Dry January or Not

Healthy debate in our house this week! Dry January has been discussed a lot – I personally think that anything that makes people ‘pause’ and evaluate their relationship with alcohol is a massive, positive thing. I get it’s only for a set period BUT what if some of the people who have a 31 day break, realise the massive benefits and carry on for a longer period, or even abstain for good. Then Dry January is worth it. It also raises awareness of the dependency on alcohol in our culture.

Its only when you go sober you realise how utterly obsessed we have become with alcohol that we have to have set times of the year to detox our bodies. But again, I’d rather have dry January than not, some people would just go crazy all year round like I used to do. I once did dry January, and lasted until day 7. I’m pretty sure I drank daily since then and this was back in 2015.

Pete’s Opinion! (Always different to mine!)

“Hi everyone” I’m going to make myself absolutely clear before I start; I’m not taking anything away from you or anyone that wants to do dry January. It’s a great starting point full stop not because it’s January but it’s fantastic that you want to give it a go and see how you feel! So genuinely good on ya! If you’re doing dry January, you’re already gearing your mind up and taking control which is fantastic, and do not let anyone deter you!

Let’s discuss the fact that before Christmas we have Stoptober, again well done if you did this but think, since October to now have you stopped drinking or slowed down? “If you have, you’re a fucking rock star, keep it up! It gets easier” If you did it and it felt great and you slotted back into drinking on a regular basis and then like most, took December & Christmas as the time to catch up on what you missed out on in October? I just want you to take minute and think, if you’re going to do dry Jan what’s different about it now to October or any other month for that matter? Why do it to yourself again?

Dry January for the ones that just concentrate on Dry Jan, great! Fantastic start and you will feel the benefits but let’s be realistic, it coincides with lots of other faddy January stuff. People do have a tendency to change too much too soon. And this is where we are setting ourselves up to fail.  

Let’s put it into perspective, it’s no small feat to go a month without alcohol, it’s stitched within the fabric of our society, so you’re taking the leap to be the odd one out, which is brave decision to be making in the first instance.

Therefore my one bit of advice that I want to share with you, if you’re doing dry January is to just tackle Dry January! On its own! I’m a big believer in doing one thing at a time and doing it really well, bit of a no-brainer really. Which, by making the new unfamiliar changes, like not drinking for a period of time the norm; all because you have just one major goal. By doing this you will create a foundation to build upon, and you’ll be more likely to achieve said goal.  

I say this from experience! I found that the Diet and Exercise along with all the other things you want will absolutely come after you get clarity of mind; this clarity is the base of the structure that you will build everything else on. Don’t try and do too much in January and don’t make too many changes!

Right; I have shared my view on things and I wanted to give you my honest opinion.

“Do one thing at a time, do that one thing to the best of your ability, the rest will follow”

Back to Sue……

Bloody hell, he got carried away…….

I agree on some of those points and yes the whole ‘New Start New Me’ thing is faddy and in some instances only lasts so long and when you go back to old behaviours, you can sometimes go back a few steps and feel worse than ever. BUT I still think anyone embarking on dry January deserves a great big pat on the back and I shall be posting more some inspiration, who to follow on Instagram, which books to read, some general help and support to help those that are embarking on Dry January or moderate drinking. I will also be doing the alcohol free drinks reviews I promised!

Super good luck to you all taking part in Dry January

Sue & Pete X

One thought on “Dry January or Not

  1. there was a blog i found last december, right before i got serious about my sobriety, called “the Sober School” where she talked about taking a”proper break” from alcohol. I believe dry January was mentioned. But her perspective was to try 6 months . For me that is what made sense.And 6 months has now come to 3 weeks shy of a full year. But i do get it for those who just want to dip their toes in…because i have to say the first 30 days were both the best, and the worst of it. Carry on and Happy New year!


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