”Help Me I’m Doing Dry January!”

So you thought it was a good idea and thought you’d be fine, but now you might be getting twitchy, anxious, bored and narky. Your mind might be wondering – ‘Could I just have one drink?’ It would take away the boredom right?
So, I thought I’d be nice and come up with some suggestions to keep you occupied. You need to occupy your time, brain and body! Ready….

• Go for a walk, run or swim
• Walk the dog, if you don’t have one, borrow one
• De-clutter your wardrobe
• Do yoga on you tube or from an app
• Meditate
• Colour in, buy an adult colouring book and some felt tips – I have seen sweary ones, rude animal ones, mandalas and unicorn themed colouring books! I bet you are on amazon looking at the rude Animals one now 😉
• Jigsaw, Board games, Sudoku, brain teasers
• Join an online forum for sober people, or dry Januaryers, or such
• Go to go ape
• Sign up for a new challenge
• Sort out your utensil draw
• Batch cook
• Go to the cinema
• Go for coffee with a sober or dry January friend
• Have a lie in and watch a movie in bed with a brew
• Make a 30, 60, 90 day life plan
• Start a blog
• Keep a journal
• Get crafty – Crochet or knit
• Volunteer
• Watch cheesy movies
• Find a new box set
• Telephone a friend
• Go to the Gym
• Try Boogie bounce or something that’s going to get you active but make you laugh
• Go to a comedy show
• Go to the theatre
• Have a bubble bath with candles
• Treat yourself to a new book

There you go, don’t tell me you are bored now! I know some of these things cost money and take time and effort, but this is what you will have more of as a result of not drinking, I promise!

Have a great Saturday night
All Shiny & New X

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