Dont they haunt you!?
I know memories are supposed to be a wonderful thing but that’s only if the memories are in fact wonderful and joyous. If you were a drunken prick like me, with daily pricklike behaviour and almost daily blackouts from excessive boozing, the memories are not so good.

Facebook memories are of course what I’m talking about, real memories wont exist because of the alcohol, but Facebook is there as a constant friggin reminder.

Each day’s memories, that I can tell were alcohol fuelled, ramblings that didn’t make sense and a million pictures of a glass of wine! I was actually such a prick!

There is a pattern in these memories. The ones from longer ago, about 5 or 6 years ago were posted late at night. The most recent ones from just before I stopped drinking, they were sozzled posts from about 8PM if not earlier. If you were friends with me then, I’m really surprised you are still friends with me now. I was a nightmare for drunken wittering!

I’m now starting to encounter some nicer memories from last year of me with alcohol free fizz. Usually with clear skin, bright eyes and mental clarity and enthusiasm that is becoming the norm. These are the kind of memories that I love. They really reinforce that I have absolutely made the right decision to change my life for the better!

If you are coming across memories frequently that you would like to change due to excessive alcohol consumption, reach out and seek help. Do it today….

There is honestly so much help, support and inspiration out there. I made the mistake of thinking I was totally alone with my problem. This really isn’t the case, let me point you in the direction you may need.

All Shiny & New

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