So I’m always banging on about my shiny new life and rightly so. It’s pretty amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world. ❤

However…I’m still normal …I still get stressed and over commit like I used to, only now I can cope with it so much better. I used to get stressed and head straight for the bottle of wine or 2. Although to be honest, I did this if I wasn’t stressed too.

I used to say I was stressed and drink helped me to cope, but actually drinking heavily every day and being awake from 3am suffering from anxiety was making me stressed. It was a viscous circle. A horrible stressy horrible viscous horrible circle. (You get the gist)

I’m currently stressed, I know because I cancelled a run tonight….that not like me! Work is friggin crazy, outside work is …well normal but hectic. Its ‘sue crazy!’ I’m training for my ultra challenges, organising charity events, running club stuff is mega busy, parkrun every weekend, exercising most days. How do I fit it all in? I certainly dont know how I used to fit it all in whilst drunk all of the time!

Some people would say dont do so much (very sensible advice) But, well I love it…most of it. The being busy, making the most of my sobriety and I’m certainly living my best life!

So what am I going to do to deal with all the stress. Well tomorrow I’m off to a gong bath (no idea if I’ll like it – never been) I’ll let you know how that goes! Saturday morning is park run (obviously) and then an alcohol free festival in Manchester in the afternoon. I’m going with a sober friend who is celebrating 12 months sobriety on Saturday. So proud of her and looking forward to a really lovely time.

Next week I’m having a few chilled days accompanying Pete on his work travels. I’ll be in Aberdeen for a few days. I’m going to go for long walks along the seafront whilst listening to podcasts and then sit in cafes on the front reading my book. I might be kidding myself, but this is certainly the intention.

So the difference in how I deal with stress now is to think about it (rather than hide at the bottom of a bottle) make changes if I need to and make positive steps in doing so. And hopefully learn from it 😂😂

What are your coping with stress tools? Do you reach for the bottle or assess the situation and go for a walk, exercise or talk it through with a friend?

I dont bake! But I’m an expert napper zzzz

Wishing you a stress free day tomorrow 😘 xx

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