Sobriety Fears

I’ve done an awful lot of facing my fears in my new sober life. As recent as last week it was open water ….today cows….

Whilst hiking today I spoke with a friend about ‘fears’ and I mentioned I even had fears about stopping drinking!

– Would I be fun
– Would I lose my friends
– Would my relationship survive
– Would I laugh
– Would I enjoy living
– would I be capable of stopping?

Once I realised I was ‘capable’ of stopping… the other fears disappeared. So much so that every one of those fears were ridiculous as each one was the complete opposite.

My relationship with fear is changing. I think its making me stronger, more capable, braver…and actually more fun. As a result I’m surrounded by friends who want to join in

Have you got a fear you’ll try and face this week?
Ps. This cow is now also one of my mates

One thought on “Sobriety Fears

  1. yup- getting back to the gym…i’ve made some progress…i called but their mailbox was “full” then stopped by but the doors were locked ( they are 24 hrs but you need a key card when its unstaffed) so tomorrow-getting up and at ’em early to see what the deal is. I was happy to see those working out weren’t wearing masks( i just could not do that) and also that the gym had only a few people during the hours i usually go. I was a member prior to the pandemic but have been fearful of the new “rules”..we shall see!


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