2 Years!

Wow …it’s been 2 years since I stopped punishing myself, stopped the rapid and very slippery slope to self-destruction, stopped relying on alcohol every day to ‘live’. This was not living……far from it!

2 years ago I stopped drinking and my health, wellbeing, mental health, my relationship, friendships, family, my job, my fitness, my self worth – all of this I put first and I don’t have a single regret ever. I am 2 years sober today and extremely proud of me, it’s the best thing I have ever done for me. I like myself and who I have become and this very exciting and beautiful life I lead. Even in this current climate, I still see good in every day! Because, I’m not feeling sorry for myself in my ‘pit of despair hungovered’ state. It really was a permanent feeling.

Some of my achievements include climbing mountains, completing ultra-marathon challenges, raising funds for charity, I’ve been nominated for two Inspired Women Awards, inspired others to go sober, learned to paddleboard, started a running club and a hiking group, graduated from my Procurement degree and signed up for another one that starts in January! Phew!

Financially we are reaping the benefits, I used to be broke a week after payday and so Pete had to pay for all of our alcohol until the next pay day. He supported me a lot financially with bills, living and paid for our cars out of his car allowance, I didn’t contribute. Now it’s a different story, I have money left at the end of the month, my credit score is now higher than Pete’s (he is fizzing) and this week…… (drumroll….) my shiny new car arrives. I’m paying for this myself! That feels so so good!

I’m very, very proud of myself and long may this amazing feeling continue.  

Thanks for sticking around, supporting me and keeping me company along the way 😍😍😍 Xx

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