What a difference a week makes!

This week was such a better week. I MADE time to walk each day, I did exercise on zoom, I had early nights. I also had my B12, full blood screen, restarted all my vitamins and supplements and booked some healthcare appointments to help with my aches and pains. I put myself and my sanity first and slotted work and uni around that.

I need to remember for the 2 years of this degree that I need to do this! What I did this week and NOT what I did on week 1.

What have I changed?
Less social media and scrolling
More walking and exercise
Plot time in, instead of winging it
Earlier nights
Getting up early
Daily headspace and insight meditation
Made a chiropractor appointment
Vitamins and supplements

What else?
I’ll continue with the above as its worked. But if I struggle again I’ll switch it up. Because I don’t want that ‘drowning’ feeling from week 1.

In all of this being a new student, crazy work demands and a global pandemic….im sure glad I’m sober. Im glad I don’t need alcohol to ‘cope’ or function (which is funny, alcohol does the complete opposite) in ‘place’ of alcohol I sit and think and come up with a plan to deal with it.

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I’m sat chilling on the couch and will go out and get my free outdoor therapy fix and do some studying later. All is good.

If my post inspires you to do something a smidge positive to make your week better, let me know – stay safe x

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