5 Years

5 Years today since my Dad died. Seems like a lifetime ago, but also like yesterday – weird. The trauma of those last days will possibly never leave me but over the years it fades a little more and I remember more of the good stuff. And there was so much of it. I had a very good childhood and lots of fond memories of my dad. I wont ever forget that 🥰

I went walking with a lovely friend today who asked me about my dad and how I was feeling about today. I explained that my dad was very ‘stop moaning and get on with it’ …it used to drive me crazy at the time, but now I 100% agree with this ethos.

Since he died, in those earlier years,  I was very ‘woe is me’ whilst drowning in wine. Today was very different…I got out and did something, something beautiful and worthwhile and exhilarating. I lived life …and got on with it. But still remembering him. I suppose climbing those hills today made me closer

We saw the most beautiful Robin on the way back to the car. I think that was Dad approving of me ‘getting on with life’ and grasping it with both hands.

RIP Daddy – I love you 😍

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