Being Inspired

People say I’m inspiring…truth is, this picture is FULL of inspiring people.

My friend Clair. Just lost her teenage daughter in such a cruel way and she was her best friend, Clair was out with us today living life to the fullest 🥰 she is just incredible 😘

My sister Emma. Inspires me with her grit and determination to not let her battle (and winning) against cancer affect her ability to be active outdoors with us ..nothing slows her down! I can’t keep up lol….

Lou for introducing and inspiring us crazy lot to open water swimming…so my close friends Jo, Dani, Dawn and Lou are in the pic.

Lisa is another sober warrior and a woman after my own heart. In water, on mountains, on holidays, in nature…our lives are being lived out in unison and in gratitude even though we have actually only met a few times. I’m glad I met you…

Her troup today were part of her Bee sober community who defy odds to be/try/battle/conquer/aspire to be sober, every day. So even though I’ve only met them today. They inspire me too.

Pete was behind the camera. He helped, navigated, assisted,  photographed, fed and watered and still inspired today. He is my rock. And I’m grateful.

So next time people say I’m inspiring…its because of people like this! Thank you ❤️


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