A Pass is a Pass, Right?

I found out my degree results today and whilst I did pass, it wasn’t the most amazing result ha. So I wanted to write this as a ‘word to myself’ and digest.  

What was amazing though, and I’ve deliberated this on my journey to work this morning, is what I have done to get here! I didn’t really go to school, didn’t get any proper qualifications until I was over 40. So, to now have 2 degrees, to my name is actually a really huge achievement. PLUS i have a really great job! (See, get a grip Sue)

This last degree was a BA(Hons) Business Management Professional (Executive) In Health & Social Care. Sounds impressive right? Not only that, in that 2 years there were tears, frustrations (I’m not academic at all), late nights, me constantly moaning to family and friends, a pandemic, cyber-attack, working full time and trying to still be human. I also passed English, Math’s and graduated the Mary Seacole Leadership Program within that 2 years too.

Also, in this 2 years I created and ran run clubs, ran a hiking and activity group for 700 people, got hundreds of people out and about and thinking about their wellbeing, all whilst claiming I was thinking about mine – but in truth sometimes this was quite stressful.

I questioned this morning, should I have dropped the community/voluntary/extra curricular stuff and focused solely on the degree and had the results my fellow students had this morning (I’m immensely proud of them) BUT…I’ve decided, I’m proud of me and the ‘balanced’ way I’ve created so many wonderful things in the community AND still have a degree at the end of it. Because of my lack of academic ability I might not have got a higher mark anyway?

Anyway – That was 2 years hard slog and I’ve reached the end and made some great friends along the way. I’m incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity through work to have completed this degree as an apprentice!

So, I’m celebrating all of that today


P.S. Thanks for listening whilst I had a word with myself ha x

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