”Help Me I’m Doing Dry January!”

So you thought it was a good idea and thought you’d be fine, but now you might be getting twitchy, anxious, bored and narky. Your mind might be wondering – ‘Could I just have one drink?’ It would take away the boredom right?So, I thought I’d be nice and come up with some suggestions toContinue reading “”Help Me I’m Doing Dry January!””

Inspire Women Awards Nominee

Well there have been tears of absolute joy this morning, I get so much junk e-mail I was clicking to delete everything and saw an e-mail from Inspire awards 2020 that jumped out. Upon opening it is said I’d been nominated for The 2020 INSPIRE AWARDS in the fitness and well-being category. Now, I’ve onlyContinue reading “Inspire Women Awards Nominee”