Its OK to take a break ðŸ™‚

I’m a social media girl. I live and breathe Facebook and Instagram. I love celebrating my great life. It has changed immeasurably since going sober, it really has. I celebrate this every day.

I mean this isn’t me having a celebratory cake every day (I need to pack that in) but when I open my eyes in a morning and breathe, see the sunshine, walk outside, go hiking or running, eat good food, see my friends, travel to beautiful place. This is how I celebrate. This is my life ❤

I like to share the celebrations and the wonderful moments. I’ve been given a second chance at life and I will shout about that from the rooftops (if that pisses you off, unfollow me) but I’m not bragging or gloating…what I am doing is showing people that without alcohol there is a great big world, to be lived, breathed and celebrated – every fucking day!

I do get people who are struggling to get sober or my pictures have planted a seed, contact me to say it helps. All the sober positive stuff makes a difference. I know, I live it, but I follow it all day every day. I follow everyone positive 😊

Now normally I’m positive about everything in life but this last couple of weeks have been tough. Really tough.

• Work has been super challenging.
• Run club has been very time consuming to organise (but worth it) and I was encountering some challenges from people
• Im injured, thats not fun
• Some old emotional shit was thrown into the mix last week, I was fine at the time but as I started to relive the situation, became upsetting all over again.

So I struggled, I became overwhelmed, and wanted to cry, a lot. Now, we all have drama, stuff going on, this is life. But when all of the above involved quite a few people being really fucking rude towards me, I had had enough.

I dont deal with conflict and drama very well at all, but people being really rude and mean to me, well that just makes me want to cry.

I’ve waffled on I know… but its been a while since I blogged, I’ve took a Facebook break, still on Instagram as I only follow positivity and have come away for some rest and doing what I love, being outside in nature.

Thats just my little update for now ❤
Take care of yourselves and leave negativity and drama at the door. ❤

Lots of love

All Shiny & New

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